Choosing a CPA firm for tax planning is a very personal decision, like choosing a doctor or dentist. Over time, the CPA should become a key personal advisor based on a relationship of trust.

We see our role as being personal trainers in business and finance, whether guiding clients on how to reduce their future taxes, how to properly document tax deductions, how to account for complex transactions, or how to assemble their tax information to minimize our preparation fees; helping clients design and install computerized accounting systems; or helping formulate, implement and measure results of personal financial or business strategies.

We are conveniently located in Newport Beach California, and service clients from Northern LA County to NorthernSan DiegoCountywith a concentration of clients in Orange County, DelMar, and La Jolla.  

We believe tax planning, financial analysis and strategic planning provide more value to clients than compliance services like tax return preparation. Rather than being routine preparers of tax returns and financial statements, we are constantly seeking to share ideas with our clients on how to improve their tax and financial situations.

Capital Partners actively seeks ways to be of service to our clients and to be accessible to them. For example, we provide telephone numbers to reach us directly, rather than using a switchboard. If we are not able to answer the call, we return voice mail messages usually within an hour; and almost always within 24 hours. The managing director also provides his cell number to clients and regularly takes calls in the evening and on weekends.